Buddha bead

One day the Buddha held a Buddha bead in his hand and asked the five heavenly kings, "What color is this bead?" The five heavenly kings said that there are various colors such as green, red, yellow, etc. The Buddha hid the beads in his sleeves, raised his hand and asked, "What color is this beads?" The five heavenly kings said, "Buddha, you don't have any beads in your hand, where did the color come from?" The Buddha sighed and said: "Why are you so confused, I will show you a secular bead, you say all kinds of green, red, and yellow colors, I will show you the real beads, but you don't. Know" All five heavenly kings have realized it.

世尊一日示随色摩尼珠,问五方天王:“此珠而作何色?” 时五方天王互说异色。世尊复藏珠入袖,却抬手曰:“此珠作何色?” 天王曰:“佛手中无珠,何处有色?” 世尊叹曰:“汝何迷倒之甚!吾将世珠示之,便各强说有青、黄、赤、白色;吾将真珠示之,便总不知。” 时五方天悉皆悟通。

Written by sing on 周五 05 八月 2022.